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Medical isolation face shield mask government and hospital
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Medical Isolation
Face Shield (In Stock)

The non-sterile face shield consists of a protective sheet made of polymer material, a sponge, an elastic band and a fixing device that uses the barrier of the mask sheet to protect the user's face.

  • 0.45mm Face Shield with APET Clear material
  • Foam strip and fixing device made of polymer materials
  • Double sides with anti-fog, single-use.

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Description & Features

Made of double-sided anti-fog, high-permeability PET film

Good fog prevention, fast fog dispersal, clear vision

Well-constructed and suitable for all head sizes

Light weight, non-slip design, comfortable and reliable wearing


Net weight/Carton12.14kg
Gross weight/Carton13.87kg
Carton Size680*383*415mm
IncludeCertificates of conformity and instructions


  • Business license
  • Medical Device Production License
  • High-tech enterprise
  • Type I medical device manufacturing license
  • Type II medical device manufacturing license
  • National Designated Medical Device Manufacturer

Exports Doc.

  • Medical device product registration number
  • Commercial invoices
  • Packing list
  • Purchase and sale contracts
  • Customs declaration
  • Target country certification
  • Import and export rights


  • ISO9001:2015.
  • ISO13485:2006.
  • CE EN 1731:2006
  • FDA registration
  • Euro Test report
  • USA Test report

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Qualified Manufacturer

One of the government contracted and designated suppliers of shield

Comply with Chinese export standards and foreign import standards.

Assist the gov. & clients to assist Europe, such as the UK, Italy, etc.

Product quality and standards comply with European import standards.

Class I and Class II medical device manufacturing licenses

One of the key production enterprises to fight the epidemic

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  • Thanks for your kindness supporting! In this special period when the world is fighting against this virus, the protective products you made and delivery really mean a lot to us.
    Jennifer Lee

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